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7211 N. Pacific Ave., Livingston, CA 95334
Phone: (209) 394-8048 - FAX: (209) 634-6355
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Compatibility           This site was created using Netscape Composer 4.5 and Dazzle video image creator. Therefore it is best viewed through Netscape Navigator 4.5+. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 will allow you to navigate and view the site, but it did not look as good on it when we were checking for browser compatibility. We did some work to improve the compatability with IE 5.0, but most improvements caused similar problems when we went back to Navigator. If you do not have Netscape Navigator, and wish to have it, you can download their browser for free by clicking this link or browsing to http://netscape.com/computing/download/index.html?cp=hom10pbro. As I mentioned, this is not necessary, just makes our site look better. If you have any problems with dead links, inability to see video, or any other problems on our site, please click on the Contact Site Creator  link to inform me of the problem so I can fix it or let you know what you need to do to remedy the problem at your end. We thank you for visiting our site.
          We have two versions of this site. The main one, ( reached by clicking the above "Go to S&A's home page" link ) uses frames for the purpose of having a navigator bar for easy navigation. Some older browsers do not support frames and will likely show a blank page when you click on the "Go to S&A's home page" link above. For this reason we have included a frameless version of our site that can be reached by clicking on the" Go to S&A's frameless home page" link at the top of this page. You can also click the link or browse to their download site ( linked above )and after installing netscape communicator, you should be able to browse our framed site successfully.
          We have incorporated some video clips so you can see some of our units at work. At the moment, we are still working on the videos and so some may not be available when you try to get them. The videos are in mpeg format, and you must download them to play them. You can download them by going to our Video Download Page, or by browsing to one of our equipment pages that has Click picture to see video under it and clicking on the picture. The pages with Click picture to see video under the pictures were originally intended to use streaming video ( which is a video that plays as it downloads, eliminating the need to wait on the download of the video ) but the quality of these videos has been unsatisfactory and we are attempting to correct the problem. Please be patient with us as we improve our site. If we fix the problems with the streaming videos, you will need Real Player which you can download for free from their download page at www.real.com. We will be adding additional video formats ( provided we have the space on our web host's server ) which will be available on our Video Download Page. The first we will consider will be Apple Quicktake ( for you Mac users out there! ). We can not guarantee full compatibility with all systems, especially in the case of slower computers and modems, nor are we liable for any problems caused by any downloads we suggest or have on our site. Although our web server checks for viruses, I also do periodically to keep our site safe. We have done the best we can to make our videos playable on any system without sacrificing video quality, but they may sill not run well on your system. We apologize if the video runs slowly, is unclear, or is jerky, but please realize that video is a higher function of internet capability, and older pc's do not really have the capability to run them properly. If you are having trouble with our site and would like solutions, want to know what it will take to enhance your computing experience,  have comments or suggestions regarding the site itself, or are interested in a site of your own,  please Contact the site creator and I will do my best to help you. S&A thanks you again for visiting our site and hope you find it useful.
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